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Our guitars are fully handmade, following a technique received from the old Madrid school of guitar Luthiers.

Their construction starts with a long process of the natural drying of our materials that could take between 5 to 30 years, depending on the type of wood.

The materials used for their construction are prime quality materials, working with different types of wood such as Madagascar, India, Pau Ferro, Cocobolo, Ziricote, Maple, Cypress, Red Cedar Canadian, German Spruce, Ebony.

The final touch is made of French polish (natural varnish) on classical guitars and synthetic on Flamenco models (this can change upon the client’s request)

Our guitars are, unmistakably, a master piece of artisan due to their framing and final touches. As instruments, they are globally recognized for its sound and comfort when played.

To correctly maintain these instruments, it is important to monitor the relative humidity of the air where they are kept, as too much or too little humidity would seriously damage the guitar. We strongly recommend to take into account the recommendations we provide with the guitars certificate of handcraft.

The entire construction process of a handmade guitar takes between 3-4 months.

CITES paperwork enclosed in the guitars built with the wood which requires that documentation.